Business Education 9 Tips Recommendations How to Start Business from 0 – From various business education fields in this world, you no longer need to be confused about which business education to choose. Because we’ve sorted the six most potential areas for how to start a business education from 0.

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1. Online Store Development Services

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Do you know what every business has in common? Yes, need an online store! As the business grows, the need for online shop website creation services will never die. Yes, that’s because not everyone has the ability to build an online store.

Especially for business education with ready-to-sell products, the possibility of needing e-commerce or online stores is even greater. Creating an online store is very effective for marketing and displaying any product. Starting a business with online store creation services. From a consumer convenience standpoint, of course, it adds a plus to the business. Because, you can customize the online shop website according to your needs, for example:

  • Choose a theme that fits your business character.
  • Implement brand identity.
  • Be number 1 in Google search.
  • Integration with marketing tools such as Google Ads, Google Analytics, etc.
  • Added product payment and delivery options.
  • Easy management with online shop platform
  • It also does not require special coding skills. To get started, you can find a complete guide in our article entitled Website Development Services business education.

2. Food/Beverage

Because it is a primary need, it is considered that the food and beverage business sector will continue to increase its potential. Opportunity to start a culinary business. Especially when accompanied by going online and digital marketing strategies. Evidently, 57% of people view restaurant websites before deciding what to eat and where.

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Building a culinary business must also be accompanied by a website as a means of going online. Because there are various benefits that you will get, such as:

  • More reliable;
  • Make it easy for potential customers to find your restaurant;
    Easy to find partners. For example, raw material suppliers, franchises, etc.;
  • Increase sales;
  • Reaching many consumers with minimal promotional capital;
  • Increases the opportunity to buy in bulk;
  • Presenting customer convenience with various features. For example, menu previews, prices and delivery services via the website, etc.
  • Eits, the culinary business education is not just selling food / drinks.
  • You can do business by utilizing content marketing. You do this by creating website content with various ideas. This can help the website perch in the top position of Google.
  • For example, sharing more knowledge about culinary, food reviews, or even cooking interesting recipes.

3. E-Learning

Have expertise in a certain area? Just sell the knowledge! The e-learning sector can be a promising business education, you know. E-learning has become the fastest growing industry by up to 900% since 2000. Especially during a pandemic like this, online learning is increasing compared to offline. So, you can take advantage of this trend to build an e-learning system according to your field of study.

4. technology

The development of the times must be accompanied by technological advances. Therefore, this business education sector has great potential to be explored. the industrial revolution 4.0 will focus on technology, artificial intelligence, and digital or the internet sector. Where all existing business education areas will require technology.

opportunity to start a technology business education in industry 4.0. Apart from electronics or gadgets, examples of business education ideas in this field vary widely. For example, software provider services, selling website templates, and others. One example of a promising technology-based business education is the Web Hosting business education. With the opportunities for online activity increasing, automatically the need for hosting is indispensable.

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5. Health, Fitness and Beauty

Why do we explain this business education idea together? Because everything is interconnected. But of course you can focus on one of them first.

The simplest example is taking advantage of health awareness. Vitamin products, non-medical masks, or even providing education with health articles will certainly be very popular during the current pandemic.

an example of the 2021 trend for starting your own business education from 0
Likewise with fitness and beauty, you can sell premium yoga tutorial videos, or fitness to gain/lose weight, makeup or skincare reviews, etc.

6. Professional Services

Another promising business education without large capital, namely, becoming a professional service.
Especially if you have a specialty or expertise.

Many clients, both individuals and companies, certainly prefer to entrust matters to experts.

Clients can come from various fields. Certainly over time you can hone your skills deeper and expand your connections.

Professional services are needed by all kinds of business education
For example, you can open website services, article writers, digital marketing consultants, etc., according to your expertise.

Another advantage of being a professional service is the flexibility in working. You can work anywhere, anytime, and with anyone.


Fashion is one business education that will never die! Every time a new trend may emerge which can become your cash field.

Fashion products are also more easily accepted by the online market. As reported by Katadata, since 2016 fashion products have been ranked as the best-selling products.

Potential online fashion business education. This is increasing every year along with the development of e-commerce and also the use of websites. There are several reasons why fashion products can be easily accepted by consumers, namely:

  • Consumers can see a more complete product catalog;
  • Can choose products anytime and anywhere, without having to come to the store;
  • Can compare several products at once and even compare several different online shops;
  • Even safer during a pandemic.
  • Can search for fashion products from various trends. examples of online fashion business education
    For that, you could say the online fashion business education is very promising. What’s more, there are several reasons why you should pursue this one field, as follows:
  • The potential customers are vast;
  • Increase product sales;
  • Can sell more products;
  • Save operational costs.
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8. Property

Apart from clothing and food, shelter is one of the primary needs of every human being.

Who doesn’t want to own a property? It’s not only those who are already married, there are even more property enthusiasts from millennials.

Well, you can take advantage of this by opening a property business. Eits, you don’t have to own a property first and then sell it, really. You can start by becoming a broker, aka bridging transactions between buyers and property developers.

examples of online real estate business education, The form of the product is very diverse, you know. For example, houses, apartments, exclusive boarding houses, to co-working spaces, and many others.

9. Digital business education

Almost everyone is now exposed to the digital world. So, this can be a promising opportunity for digital business education to reach as many target markets as possible.

Digital business education can be a field of business education that you can engage in without capital and earn unlimited income! digital business education.


With a large variety of business education, you can customize according to your skills and interests. For example, being a YouTuber, affiliate business education, blogger, teaching online, writing digital content, etc.

Hello, my name is Chelsea Alyia Henzie usually called Henzie. I am a professional writer on several sites, one of which is this blog.

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