Business Education 11 Best Ways to Start a Successfull Business From 0 –  So, your business education must have a goal that is more than just making money.

1. Prepare Your business education Basis!

business education

You must have a destination, a reason, a vehicle, accommodation arrangements, alternate routes, and a plan a-b-c to z. Having a vision and mission will also make it clear what your business education is like and is included in the branding process. After that, make a list of business education values. So, that’s the company value, which will be a guide in running the business education. Be as optimistic as possible but still as realistic as possible

Look at the existing problems > identify what solutions are needed > put them into your product innovation > make your product a solution for consumers. Let’s take the simplest example, namely, a stainless straw. This product is a solution to millions of plastic straw waste in the world.

2. Make a Plan

You can take the first few steps on how to start a business education from 0, which are the most crucial, as follows:

  • Create a business education Plan : Write everything about your business education. The way to make a business education plan includes the three things in the previous point, budget, income target, marketing strategy, and all the things that serve as guidelines so that your business education can grow.
  • Calculate Capital: Calculate the initial budget to build a business education, how much is the estimated operational budget needed, legalization costs, tax calculations, as well as targets and profit estimates.
  • Market Research: Analysis of who will become consumers. For example, creating questionnaires, surveys, and looking at research from official institutions. From there, you can find out what innovations consumers need.
  • Get to know your Buyer Persona: Determine who your target consumers are and create consumer profiles as if they were real.
  • Create a Customer Journey: Build a strategy for how each buyer persona knows your business education, gets to know your brand, sees your products, and finally buys your products.
  • Measure Competitor Strengths: Make a list of your competitors, then compare their pluses and minuses with your business education. See what deficiencies you don’t have and fix them.
  • Find a Trusted Supplier: Make sure you work with the best supplier to supply raw materials for your product or service. For example, in terms of price, quality of goods, speed and accuracy of supply, etc.
  • Create a Production Flow: From raw materials to ready-to-sell services or products, there must be a clear and concise flow.
  • Promotion Plan: Create a marketing plan so you can easily develop a marketing strategy in the future.
  • Set Targets: Both in the short, medium and long term. The goal, so that your business education has a main goal and not stuck when one target is met.
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3. Maximize Branding

How to start a business education from 0 also aims to make the buyer persona familiar with your business education presence. This can be done in several ways, namely:

  • Build Brand Identity: Create a distinctive and easy to remember logo, typography, dominant colors, visual templates, and website designs.
  • Create a Website: Creating an online shop website can increase consumer confidence, become a transaction center, media press releases, customer support facilities, marketing and branding media, and product showcases.
  • Optimize Social Media : Create official business education accounts on various social media.. This is useful when you enter the marketing stage later.
  • Integrate with Ecommerce Accounts: To make your product easy for consumers to reach later, integrate all social media accounts and websites into ecommerce.

4. Time for Production

Next, you can already start the production stage. There are several things that need to be considered in how to start a business education from 0, namely:

  • Set product/service quality standards. For example, basic materials, composition, product advantages, models, etc.;
  • Determine suppliers, vendors, and other stakeholders to realize product ideas;
  • Start production for product launch and at least stock for the first month. Also consider backup production in case of a successful product launch;
  • Fix the website. Such as setting online shop platforms, payment gateways, website themes, creating landing pages, SEO, etc.;
  • More active in all promotional media. Intensify promotions, brand awareness, schedule launching, etc.;
    illustration of the production process of starting a business education

5. Launch a Marketing Strategy

Marketing is a way to start a business education from 0 to introduce products to potential customers. The hope is not only familiar, but also familiar and become customers.

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There are various ways to promote your business education. One of them with social media. You can find out more in → Complete Guide to Social Media Marketing 2021.

Apart from social media, you can also maximize digital marketing. Like, Google My business education, legit email, SEO, SEM, etc.

6. Time for Customer Experience

At this stage of how to start a business education from 0, it is likely that your product has sold more or less. So, to further increase sales, all you need to do is pamper consumers. examples of customer experience in business education

To do this, you can add various payment methods, improve customer support, 24-hour live chat, expand delivery, etc. To find out what consumers need, you can create a questionnaire or survey. From there, you can find out what will definitely have a significant impact on your business education.

7. Increase Sales

launch new products or services both in quality and quantity. By enriching the variety of products, your business will go to the next level. This can also be accompanied by attracting consumers with promotions. For example, selling product bundling packages, buy 1 get 1 promos, and others.

8. Build Stronger Brand Awareness

Don’t let the customers you have worked so hard to collect while starting a business from 0 disappear one by one. Continue to build brand awareness by strengthening engagement with consumers. For example, holding giveaways, product bonuses for each purchase with a certain minimum transaction, including thank you cards, or shopping points that can be exchanged for discount vouchers, etc.

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Likewise when you get reviews or testimonials from consumers. Collect all the positive reviews and expose them as much as possible on the website. Because 45% of consumers read reviews before buying a product.

9. Seize Every Moment

Always remember that business can boom and fade at any time. Therefore, it is important to take advantage of every moment. Example of momentum when starting your own business . For example, participating when there are bazaars, events or certain celebrations.

10. Time for Expansion!

Let’s flashback for a moment, if you consistently carry out the steps for starting a business from 0, it is not impossible that your business education is now growing rapidly.

If you feel your finances are stable, you have loyal customers, and your brand awareness is strong, then it’s time to expand your business education. There are several ways to expand your business , namely:

  • Resellers: Giving a 5-10% discount to resellers will not make you lose. Trust me, profits await you through their orders!
  • Dropship : Almost the same as a reseller, you can open a dropship business education to add product purchase faucets.
  • Offline Store : Success with online, it’s time to build your offline store. Place it in strategic locations where many of your customers come from.
  • Upgrade to Cloud Webhosting : Aims to increase server capacity and improve online store performance. This server is very capable of handling high traffic without any technical complexities.

11. Offline Expansion and Continuous Evaluation

Already have an offline store while doing all marketing techniques, then your business is ready to take it to the next level!


Since childhood, don’t teach young people to be obsessed with joining a certain company or becoming a servant of the state. If their obsession is only about that, school will be run normally, not with the enthusiasm to create an important change in the future. Business education will make children want to think outside the box. Don’t think straight.

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